Channel Lettering Signs, and Other Lighted Signs

Attention-Grabbing 3-D

Channel Letter Signs by Bernard Sign Corporation

When it comes to standing out and grabbing attention, few designs compare to the 3-dimensional appeal of channel letters. 3-D signs add a particular visual texture that naturally draws the eye and demands attention. Due to their design, channel letter signs are especially effective when light is added. When channel lights are illuminated, the effect is dramatic. They are especially effective at night, and easily visible at increased distances. Bernard Sign Corporation brings our experience and attention to detail to crafting channel letter signs for your business.

A Popular Choice in Sign Design

Channel letter signs are the bold, big, and beautiful way to ensure your store name is visible. It has been the preferred choice for many national chains. You’ll find channel letter signs used by Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Payless Shoes, Subway, and many other name-brand stores. Some channel letter signs have become part of the visual brand that’s made many companies household names. That kind of immediate recognition is a testament to the appeal of channel letter signage.

Bernard Sign Corporation can finish channel letters with different coatings, such as custom paint, making it simple to ensure your branded colors are prominently included. Our team can fabricate your channel letter sign using different materials, allowing impressive flexibility in design as well as the durability necessary to keep your sign looking good for years to come. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and depths, you have a wide variety of design options. Even installation becomes simplified because they are installed directly on the wall or background.

A Versatile Choice

Bernard Sign Corporation can provide a customized design for your channel letter sign, pulling from many style options. We can employ almost any typeface and design. This makes channel lettering perfect for adapting to almost any environment, and since the letters can be installed individually, layout variations are simplified. Bernard Sign Corporation can craft your channel letters in many different styles, including:

  • LED Channel Letters
  • Open-Face Neon
  • Backlit
  • Halo Effect
  • And more!

With their 3-dimensional shape, channel letter signs are highly visible from a wide variety of angles and distances. Regardless of weather conditions or direction, they’re easily seen, making them an ideal part of your visual marketing strategy. When customers know to look for those 3-D letters to find your store, you realize how powerful this popular sign option can be. Since 1938, Bernard Sign Corporation has worked to perfect the construction of quality signage for businesses throughout Philadelphia, and our team of experts can create a channel letter sign that you and your customers will love.

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