Window Graphics & Lettering

Storefront Signs that Give Your Business a Voice

Window Graphics & Lettering by Bernard Sign

It’s the face of your company; the first real visible impression people have of your physical location, and it says a lot about your company. Making sure your impact is a positive one is essential in a competitive environment and a bare building doesn’t get the job done.

Your store windows, doors, and walls provide prime space for branding your business in the minds of your current and potential customers. Bernard Sign Corporation offers graphics & lettering, restaurant signs, and storefront signs that get you noticed in the best possible way.

Why Window Graphics & Lettering?

The benefits of custom window graphics and lettering by Bernard Sign Corporation are greater than improving the look of your storefront. They create a brand that places your business in a whole new category, making you stand out from the competition in a visually-appealing way. The many benefits include:

  • Improved Window Appearance

The right design can personalize your business while adding a professional aesthetic. Window graphics add both beauty and branding by attracting and keeping the attention of your target market. Use your branding colors, fonts, and designs to highlight the information you want to share. Your logo, your information, and your message are beautifully displayed in a manner that makes a memorable impact.

  • Greater Brand Awareness

Whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, brand awareness is the glue that holds you and your target market together. Creating and maintaining that connection requires consistent associations and the visual impact of stunning window graphics is a powerful tool in keeping those connections. They tie the image of your company’s website, social media, and other advertising media together.

  • Sales & Specials Promotion

Bernard Sign Corporation window graphics and custom lettering offer a wide range of options and customizations that advertise your sales and promotions effectively. Your company’s logo, printed on stunning window graphics, is a great way to share about monthly discounts and specials, membership plans, new product offerings, and other info.

What Works Best for You?

Learn Which Storefront Sign or Restaurant Sign is Best for You

Bernard Sign Corporation improves your company’s window aesthetic while providing an effective marketing tool that positively impacts your company’s bottom line.


You’ll find exactly the right application for your storefront with these transformative options provided by Bernard Sign Corporation:

  • See-through window graphics allow your customers to read your message while still being able to see inside your store. You get a durable vibrantly-colored graphic that makes an impressive visual impact.
  • Perforated Window Graphics provide one-way visibility from inside or outside the window. Choose your design and color specifications as well as how much visibility you want. They’re affordable and especially effective for outside-facing window displays.
  • Opaque Graphics aren’t see-through. They completely cover the window in a non-transparent film. They’re effective for creating privacy and blocking light. Bernard Sign Corporation can apply graphics and lettering on top of opaque graphics for an eye-catching display.


Share information with vinyl lettering that catches the attention of your customers. From store hours to social media addresses, product mentions, and more, vinyl lettering is perfect for highlighting crucial information.

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